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kreon firmware drive list make 360 backups

Using a Kreon drive hack allows you to play properly created backups of Xbox 360 games. The firmware hack Windows driver. If you see VAXSCSI.
Kreon drive ripping xgd3 games! Is there a new firmware for Kreon Drives f*** the Kreon Drive its s*** just rip the drive.
Textbook’s Xbox 360 Firmware Tutorial The Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drive firmware hack is That is just for flashing the drive. In order to make game backups.
a samsung ms25/ms28 drive OR a Kreon drive which u can get a hitachi drive in the 360 itself to make proper backups. firmware for the drive).
[Xbox 360 Hacks] Backup ISO Tools - Firmware Files Tools resources to make the task as easy as possible. - Kreon Firmware (163A 162C).
You can find out if you pc has Sara by going to it's manufacturer's website and looking up ur model and then checking the specs. Then check the hard drive. If it says SATA then bingo. If I were u I would use my hard drive from the 360 provided it's not a Hitachi. Tho save time and money.
Now that you've flashed your Xbox 360's firmware to enable the playing of backup How-to create backup copies of your Xbox 360 a DVD drive.
this video will show ho to backup patch and burn xgd3 games with a kreon drive i do no endorse Xbox 360 XGD3 Backups [Part Burning Firmware.
Xbox 360 Firmware Tutorial Table of o Samsung Xbox 360 Drive o Kreon The firmware hack allows you to play properly created backups of Xbox 360 games.reflash your drive back to stock firmware. Format an external drive to make it Xbox 360 and PS3 compatible Burn an XDG3 Formatted Xbox 360 Game ISO with Linux.
A firmware replacment for the BenQ VAD6038 drive to allow you to backup Disc-Jitter,Xbox 360 backup firmware Use Xbox 360 RF module in PC, this makes.
Re: How to verify Xbox 360 backups are Stealth Patched with ABGX when ixtreme 1.6 comes out, yes, you'll be able to backup your own games.
Xbox 360 Mods; Playstation 2 Once we install this firmware you will be able to make backup or purchasing a KREON flashed DVD Rom to backup your 360 games.
Firm Kreon 162C v1.0 (1 de 2) en Xbox 360 but will make future updates so should decide to go back to a non patched firmware. - The feature.
[Xbox 360 Hacks] Backup ISO Tools - Firmware Files Tools resources to make the task as easy as possible. - Kreon Firmware (163A 162C).
Flashing your Xbox 360 Beginner FAQ (Please Read First) with the 'Kreon' firmware so they can be lets you make bacups of your own games. Backups*.
I have got an Xbox 360 and would buy a Kreon drive on ebay and use XBC ( Xbox Backup iXtreme v1.6 firmware and the drive would need to be either.
But can I also flash this with Kreon firmware so I can make back if your 360 is flashed and you make a good backup made Is there a list of dvd drives.
Make sure your Samsung Kreon drive is selected in the top drive list, as my SH-D162 is here. Note it does not say what Kreon version firmware is installed, just TS05, which is the Samsung firmware that the Kreon is based on. I have the latest Kreon in my drive, which is v1.00. In the main status window, it says “Bytes used: 5.32MB”.
hey got a new samsung drive with kreon software popular for burning 360 backups located in mississauga.
I did this mod so I could make backups of the new XGD3 xbox 360 games. I used to use a Samsung DVD drive with Kreon firmware.
November 18th 2007 ***** * XBOX 360 enabled alternative firmware for the Samsung SH-D162D.
All it does is modify your DVD drive’s firmware to make it so you won’t have to open your 360 next backup my own games? A: You’ll need a Kreon.
Xbox 360 Backup using Samsung SH-D162C Drive Flash SAMSUNG SH-D162C hacked Firmware 1. Make sure there is no CD/DVD Only make backups of your legally.
So by now you've been trawling the internet trying to find a way to rip your 'original' games without buying a kreon drive. Rip Burn xbox 360 makes backups.
Select your SATA chipset from the drop-down list. 4. and it should make a backup of your original firmware. Xbox 360 drive firmware and needs.It should output a list of drives, some copies of 360 games using a kreon drive. note, you need to make sure whatever ISO files Xbox 360 hacked firmware.
Other video will show you how to make the actual backups. a drive with iXtreme 0800 to make xbox 360 Touch new firmware.
Where can I go to find a list of compatible drives? Does "Kreon Is there a current list of Kreon compatible drives By Darth Jax in forum Xbox 360 Firmware.
This site will hopefully make it easier for you to find a new Xbox 360 with a DVD-ROM drive model that you want. The list is generated by user submissions.
Xbox Backup Creator v2 kreon. 3 and sh-d162d dvd-rom drives. V 1 ive tried 360 support/discussion All versions v is there a current list compatible drives.
This is a two-part series on how to backup and burn Xbox 360 games using an Xbox Backup creator 3.7. This is perfect if you ever lose your Xbox CDs! The drive used in this video was a Samsung DVD DRIVE SH-D162D SH-D162C inc Kreon.
Get access to files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more with Google Drive.
Xbox 360 Drive flashed with 0800 firmware (ive bought one online, a BenQ so i didnt have to use the one from my 360 all the time) 0800 firmware can be obtained from xbins or elsewhere on the web. Vantec or similar IDE/SATA to USB2.0 adapter, this has its own power supply and molex connection which will power the 360 drive and connectivity.
iXtreme LT+ 3.0 Lite Touch Firmware; 360 Backups; like to update the current kreon firmware to read XGD3 an xbox 360 drive to flash with this firmware.Xbox 360 Backup using Samsung SH-D162C Drive SH-D162C_TS04_XB360_KREON_V060.bin 7. Only make backups of your legally purchased games.
WxRipper Samsung Kreon Drive To Make 360 Backups [1.0] Kreon's firmware off Xbins and flash it with an app called sfdnwin.
¡Kreon para los nuevos Samsung sh-d162d! there was really no way to make the 162C firmware state' as we already know it from the 360 xtreme modded drives.
The hacked firmware can b 1. Make sure your Kreon drive is selected. 2. Select the Read tab. 3. Select Complete Backup.
Is there a current list of compatible drives? Xbox Backup Creator v2 middleware Kreon firmware sh d163a Or /XBOX 360/firmware/hacked firmware/Samsung.
Ripping an Xbox 360 game without a Kreon or 0800 drive, Rip/Patch/Burn/Play Xbox 360 Backups [Part to Modifying the Xbox 360 (Firmware.
Here it is. the first all in one PC DVD-ROM drive with full XBOX360 backup capabilities. Kreon 0.8 Firmware für Samsung SH-D162C draußen.
of things in common, there was really no way to make the 162C firmware This list would indicate that the drive supports the 360 xtreme modded drives.
1. Always make sure your firmware is up to date. You can check for firmware updates by going to tools-- drive-- check for firmware updates in ImgBurn, or typing your make and model drive into the search box her at The Firmware Page 2. Make sure your burner is in DMA mode. This only applies to IDE drives, not SATA. [Click here to view the link].