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CF2SCSI-DISK, CF2SCSI-TAPE, CF2SCSI-FLOPPY, CF2SCSI-MO, CF2SCSI-RS3, CF2SCSI Disk Replacement, SCSI Bridge - Emulator to CF; SCSI Emulation for legacy drives by Solid.
The Adtron I35FB is a flash-storage device with low profile 2,5" format and standard IDE-interface. This modul provides the same storage functions found in hard disk drives. It is also operating reliable under extremly environmental conditions. Adtron SmartStorage™ architecture and ArrayPro™ Technology enables a data throughput up to 60MB/s.Adtron Xceed SCSI Adapter for Flash PC cards The Adtron Xceed SCSI Drive offers a hot swapable PC Card Interface for the SCSI Bus (SCSI 2). The S35P will be installed as a standard SCSI device. There are no special driver required. Embedded applications with high data throughput are the favored range.
Adtron specializes in the design and manufacture of PC Card Drives for commercial and industrial computer systems. The Solid-state Data Drive series of PC Card Drives offers interfaces to the computer's standard ports including SCSI, RS232/422/485, line printer, IDE, ISA, and PC/104.Microsoft provides a SCSI Port driver as a standard feature of the Microsoft Windows storage architecture. The SCSI Port driver streamlines the Windows storage.
Windows Storage Driver Architecture. 04/20/2017; A storage port driver might be implemented according to the port/miniport driver architecture.CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH Adtron Disk Drive Emulator to CF. (SLC) and 256GB (MLC) to attach to the SCSI bus. It is seen as an Adtron XceedSCSI drive.
Port Driver SCSI Parallel Port Driver iSCSI IP Port Driver SAS Port Driver SCSI Serial Bus Protocol (SBP-2) SCSI: The Protocol for all Storage Architectures.Industrial and Military-Grade Solid State Drives by PSI distributes ADTRON/Smart Modular military-grade SCSI Solid State Drive with ArrayPro™.
THE Adtron S35H Diskpak disk is a 3.5” hard disk that replaces out-of-production 3.5” SCSI hard disk drives. Using Adtron SmartStorage SCSI host-to-IDE disk adapter architecture - with its controlled command set - combined with a standard 3.5” IDE disk drive, the Adtron S35H Diskpak provides long term availability and eliminates the need to buy obsolete or refurbished 3.5” SCSI hard disk drives.

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